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E-mailed: 17/07/2019 14:24
Axel NaumannNo presence information mailing list is now read-only

As announced two years ago (see below), we have now switched to an announcement-only list.

Please post your questions at - where your
friendly ROOT community hangs out every day, ready to help! It's really
trivial to sign up, and we really hope that you decide to stay with us.

If you prefer to receive (maybe a subset of) posts by email, please see
Bertrand's instructions below how to convert your root-forum
"experience" into a mailing list.

Thank you for your continued interest in ROOT!

Rationale: these days, is almost unused for support
questions. The forum is much more active and responsive for questions.
And we have constant issues with roottalk subscription and spam filtering.

Best regards,

-------- Forwarded Message --------
Subject: Changes in the roottalk mailing list
Date: Tue, 4 Jul 2017 11:42:37 +0200
From: Bertrand Bellenot <>
To: roottalk (Mailing list for ROOT users.) <>

Dear roottalk users,


As you may already know, we recently migrated our old phpBB forum to a
brand new Discourse forum.

Since Discourse can be used as mailing list (see below), we encourage
you to create an account on the forum, and then use it instead of this
mailing list.

  Mailing List Mode on Discourse


Here is how to enable the "mailing list mode" feature on Discourse. If
you visit your profile, in Preferences - Emails, you will see:


Users Perferences


By ticking "Enable mailing list mode", you will automatically receive an
email every time a post is made on the forum.


Note: You can reply by email, and you can also mute a topic or category,
so it will be excluded (something that regular mailing lists don't do)


We plan to switch to Discourse only and turn off the roottalk mailing
list by September first.So if you have strong objections, please let us
know as soon as possible


Cheers, Bertrand.


Bertrand Bellenot

*EP-SFT Department*


Geneva, Switzerland