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E-mailed: 25/06/2019 15:36
Axel NaumannNo presence information
ROOT v6.18/00 is out!

The ROOT team is happy (and a bit proud!) to let you know that ROOT
v6.18/00 is released! See the release page
<> for more info and download links.

Highlights are certainly:

-   A new builtin zlib libbrary, that’s based on CMS’s fork of the
Cloudflare implementation. It noticeably accelerates decompression on
current CPUs.
-   A simple auto obj = dir->Get<MyClass>("some object"); (where dir can
be a file)
-   Pythonizations for RDataFrame providing AsNumPy
-   New leaf types /f, /d for Float16_t and Double32_t:
tree->Branch("floatArray", floatArray, "floatArray[7]/f[0,100]"); //
Float16_t array with range from 0 to 100
-   Several new functions for RVec, e.g. DeltaR
-   The RooJohnson PDF was added to RooFit
-   Considerably faster, STL-style iteration through RooArgSet and
-   Transparency for lines, texts and markers in the TeX output.
-   Many new features in JSROOT, including initial WebVR support thanks
to Diego Marcos (get your Cardboards ready!)
-   Added support for GCC9, macos 10.15 (Catalina beta 2) and Xcode 11.0

Thanks to everyone involved: developers, contributors (e.g for the
Float16_t / Double32_t leaf!), people reporting bugs, and of course our

If you have an idea how to improve ROOT or if something doesn’t work for
you then please open a new topic in and let
us know. It’s much easier to improve when we know your issues!

Enjoy ROOT v6.18/00 and your summer!

Axel, for the whole ROOT team

CERN EP-SFT, 1211 Geneva 23, Switzerland
Phone: +41227678225

E-mailed: 25/06/2019 16:13
Fons RademakersNo presence information
Congratulations to you all!!

- Fons